© 2020 by K.A. Randle.

Taking Flight 

Ivy Castlefield is a famous motivational speaker who has lost the drive to go on with her career and her life. But after six months of wallowing in her own misery, she decides to get back in the game and boards a flight bound for Las Vegas to present at a conference. Lucas Freeman is the handsome pilot of this plane, but he strikes out when he approaches Ivy to introduce himself. 


When they reach their final destination, the pair are reunited and given another chance to reconnect. But can Ivy overcome the scars of her past and give Lucas and herself the chance at love that they both deserve? And can Lucas fight off the demons that threaten to separate him from Ivy when they have only just found each other?




“Excuse me, Ms. Castlefield,” said that smooth, sexy voice she had heard before take-off. She thought she must be imagining things. Then she glanced up and saw him.


 She was looking into the most exquisite green eyes she had ever seen, and the face surrounding them was unbelievably handsome. Strong cheekbones and a chiseled jaw stood out beneath naturally tanned skin. His hair was light brown and longish with golden streaks in it, like he spent a lot of time in the sun. He had a neatly trimmed goatee in the same shade as his hair. His breathtaking smile faltered as he looked at her. She needed to say something, but what?


 “Hello,” she finally managed, tearing her eyes away from his and feeling her cheeks flush with embarrassment. What is the pilot doing here, sitting beside me in the vacant seat? He was dressed in a crisp, white shirt with gold and black epaulets emblazoned on his broad shoulders.


Ivy suddenly felt underdressed in her yoga pants and sweater now that she was faced with this gorgeous man in uniform. But he didn’t seem to notice. She had no idea what to say to him, but he broke the silence.

“I wanted to welcome you onboard Fantasy Airlines and ask if you were having an enjoyable flight today.”


“Um, yes, thank you, Captain. . . .”


“Please, call me Lucas.”