© 2020 by K.A. Randle.

Searching for Sanctuary

Real estate developer Zachary Frost is used to getting his own way in the business world. His personal life is a different story. His mind and his body won't let him let go of his ex-girlfriend, Holly Greenwood. When he tries to win her back, Holly is resistant. She has recently inherited a yoga studio with a lot of financial problems. Besides, her past with Zach was nothing but a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.


Despite her misgivings, Holly is still hopelessly attracted to Zach. But has he really changed? And can she find it in her heart to forgive him once and for all?


Holly looked around the room. Most of the students she saw were familiar faces. She loved seeing them progress over time and become better and better at yoga. They often told her how much yoga had improved their lives regarding fitness and peace of mind so she really liked being a part of that process.

She spied a few new women in the group. There were a few men as well. Yoga was becoming very popular with both sexes for its excellent health and well-being benefits.

Suddenly, she spotted a familiar but unwelcome form laying on a black mat in the back left corner of the studio. Her heart sank with a feeling of dread. Zachary. No, it couldn’t be him, could it? What was he doing there? She had no idea. Holly got up and walked to the back of the studio. She told herself she needed to adjust the volume on the music player, but if she was honest, it was to get a better look at him.

It had been over two months since she had seen him last, but she would have recognized his tall, muscular form and sensuous presence from a mile away. She stole another glance in his direction as she made her way over to her music docking station. He was dressed in casual black workout shorts and a gray T-shirt.

She leaned over him and almost reached out to brush a stray lock of silky hair from his forehead and also to see if he was real, but she stopped herself just in time. He didn’t stir, thank goodness. But he was real and looking really hot.